Pro bono

Den of imagination as a first studio in the world has decided to provide free of charge services to increase access to the hobby.  The vision of our pro bono program is to spread our passion for miniatures and gaming.

We are aware of the fact that this hobby might be pricy as well time consuming so it’s hard for younger players to get in the hobby and have the awesome tournament play experience. The computer game industry is winning over new potential players and the hobby is losing number all over the world. We love this  community and we have some really valuable memories of games with friends  That is why we would like to dedicate our time, skills and experience to help the community keep its healthy growth.

All you need to do is to prepare a up to 1200 points roster for any kind of wargaming system  and send it to Our staff of painters is looking forward to your ideas. All of them will be taken into consideration but what counts most is creativity and imagination when it comes to color scheme and gameplay. We will choose the most interesting idea for an army from time to time. The studio hopes to be able to accomplish as many projects as possible. We offer a full service but if you have any models of your own we will be happy to work on them as well. The program is aimed at our fans that have not been our clients before.



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